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Welcome to the Powerful Woman Website!

As women we know that we are resourceful, strong, nurturing, capable……we are living it every day. But we are also doing two or three jobs (with only one of them paid), are put upon, are taken for granted, feel invisible at work, have no time for ourselves, feel guilty whatever we do about the thing we are not doing….and are LAST on the list for getting the time and care we give to others.

Living like this cuts off the access to our personal power.

Well – things are going to be different …

… welcome to the Powerful Woman website!

Here is the place where you will be supported, nurtured, valued – and given  tips, guidelines, support and inspiration so you can maintain inner balance, be more visible and valued at work, be less stressed at home and be more in control of your life.

Where should you start? Two ways to begin to step into your power IMMEDIATELY.

  1. Check out my 3 new books here on finding and living from your power. All are available on Amazon and other platforms.
  2. Check out the 2 min videos on this site here to inspire and suggest ways in which you can increase your personal power.

You ARE powerful – and I can help you to tap into your personal

power and transform how you live your life, and how you progress

your career.


Powerful Woman Tips Reclaim Your Power – Reclaim Your Life On the Path to Authentic Leadership
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For all women: 100 ways to access and live from your personal power. Living your life as a powerful woman. Looking at all aspects of you, your work and your life and expanding on the Tips. Helping you to develop a unique leadership identity that acknowledges your gender base while maintaining your credibility