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Here is what other women are saying about Geraldine:

avatarWorking for a large government department for many years, I have attended numerous training courses and heard many speakers, but absolutely no-one has ever made an impact on me the way that Geraldine Bown has done and continues to do.   My first experience of Geraldine’s work was Jan 2006 when I saw her in a short training video on Positive Action for Women.  Unlike any other training video, those few minutes made me sit up and listen!  Geraldine opened up the whole question of what I could do if I wanted to and what my strengths as a woman were.  The video left me wanting to know a whole lot more. I subsequently attended one of her training workshops. This course was pivotal in my life, I won’t say that it changed my life, but it gave me so many tools for me to be able to change my life where I wanted it to.  The result: I am now more confident, assertive, relaxed and happy, not only in my work but in my home life as well.  All of this is directly attributable to Geraldine and her fantastic work.

Anybody who is lucky enough to work with Geraldine or view her work cannot fail to be impressed.  I personally endorse Geraldine Bown and her training products, I know they work, and they work well.  I know they worked for me.

Pam Dugdale (UK)
avatarGeraldine Bown is one of those exceptional people who lights up a room as she walks in! Full of energy, fun and profound and practical wisdom.

When I wanted a presenter and keynote speaker for my work which led to the setting up of a Women's Network at Rolls-Royce plc, Geraldine was my first choice. Her knowledge and experience were invaluable, not to mention her dynamic and memorable style. I know that she is a real role model for women, full of integrity and authenticity, so that women who spend time with her  feel inspired to take useful life changing choices. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a superb teacher on issues to do with women in the workplace.

Avril Carson UK
avatarGeraldine Bown inspired the development of The European Institute for Managing Diversity in 1986, of which she is a founding member and Vice-President.  Her profound knowledge and conviction of the critical importance of respecting and including the diverse cultural and demographic profiles of peoples, has been the guiding principle of the EIMD since its foundation.  Today the EIMD is present in 30 countries throughout Europe promoting research, models and tools to help organisations leverage the differences of its persons – whether internal or external to the organisation.  Geraldine is a marvellous communicator who transmits and inspires others in that in which she firmly believes: the rights of all to live and work in an inclusive environment.  And particularly the empowerment of women who make up the community destined to make the highest contribution in the XXIst century. Whether as a speaker, as a facilitator, as an author… Geraldine is and has been a guide for generations of men and women towards a new paradigm of management which embraces respect, emotion and spirituality, to address critical issues with a new dimension, in a changing socio-economic and politic scenario, where values have evolved faster than the schemes and structures of institutions.

President, European Institute for Managing Diversity

Myrtha Casanova - Barcelona, Spain
avatarI have known Geraldine for more than 20 years.

One of her many qualities which strikes me whenever I am with her is her passion for women’s development and the energy she consistently puts into it.  Geraldine was working in women’s development, Diversity and Inclusion long before they were ‘fashionable’.  The first time I ever heard the word Diversity it was in a conversation with Geraldine.

Geraldine is very creative (as this new project demonstrates) and I would say her greatest quality is her power to inspire. It was this quality I wanted to capture when I invited her to speak at the inaugural Extraordinary Women Conference and Awards which I founded in 2008.  She was one of the most popular speakers in April 2009 and as a result women who attended the conference later attended a 1-day workshop with Geraldine on Practical Spirituality.  This too was amazing.

Her perspectives on life are quite unique and I would strongly encourage any woman who is considering signing up for her programme to go for it.  She will inspire you to get in touch with a powerful inner ‘you’ which you didn’t even realise existed! Enjoy!

Vicki Espin, Director, Corporate & Executive Coaching Organisation and Founder of Extraordinary Women UK

Vicki Espin UK
avatarGeraldine Bown is a past president of the international European Women's Management Development Network (EWMD).  Geraldine was always very committed to women and women's development. Her two year Presidency at EWMD was only one part of the work she has been doing for over 20 years. She was a speaker for EWMD in many countries and the message was clear to all the countries and the women alike: Be yourself, be with people that trust you, find a mentor and enjoy being a woman.

I was just a very young member at the time (1992) and when I was invited to join a board meeting with all the women from all the countries, I was more than impressed. I had never ever been to a board meeting, but I knew that there were usually few women there. Now there where 20 women from all over Europe. I was a press speaker at this time and had a management position in Germany. I still remember Geraldine opening the session and asking every person to introduce herself and tell us something positive that had happened the day before. And it opened not only our minds but also our hearts - every woman talked about a very positive situation ... and we felt positive in the meeting and kept that atmosphere during the day. What an opening - I kept this memory all my life and when I became President of EWMD myself in 1999-2001 and again in 2006-2008 I tried to manage the board with a similar positive spirit. Geraldine was not only a good moderator of the board meeting, she had a wonderful sense of humor and it was a pleasure being there. "Do not take too much too seriously, have fun and laugh about yourself ... that creates room for new ideas."  I still remember her words.

Claudia Schmitz - Germany
avatarI know Geraldine Bown as the most dynamic speaker both when talking to huge audience of hundreds of people as well as a workshop leader for smaller group. She is teaching people to believe in themselves and gracefully and powerfully feel gratitude for who they are and for those around them. I met Geraldine back in 1997 and she spoke at W.I.N. for the first time in 1999. As both the participants and I loved her work,  I have since invited her back to speak both in the plenary and run workshops at a number of occasions. She really listens to the women and she knows exactly how to teach and help them transform and be more of who they really are.

Kristen Engvig, Founder and Leader of W.I.N. (Women’s International Networking)