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We all know the value of having a clear head and a sharp mind. But it is the heart that keeps us in our integrity.  Integrity is both the ability to do the right thing and the ability to know what the right thing IS.

In the corporate world, we all know we see situations every day where people compromise who they are.  They don’t give voice to their most creative ideas. They withhold their most deeply-held feeling or they don’t perceive their most cherished aspirations because they feel the environment is not safe and that it won’t support such unique aspects of themselves.  And of course, they are right.  It’s true.  The environment isn’t safe a lot of the time.  Whenever we reveal our true selves and act in ways that are not the norm of those around us, we subject ourselves to the possibility of ridicule, judgment and, even worse, out-and-out retaliation.

You know, this is all in the ego’s world.

The ego’s world is full of competition, attack and defend.  We are always going to be the object of someone else’s desire for control or their manipulation for getting their own way.  When people act in these ways, it is simply because they are operating from the ego and not from the heart.  They are not operating from their compassion and their love.

When someone is playing political games and trying to control outcomes, misrepresenting the facts for their own gain or lying to cover their mistakes, it is just the ego asserting itself.  And trying to convince us that our security lies outside of ourselves – well, the heart represents the centre of who we are – it’s where our personal power lives. But there’s no access to personal power without courage.

How many of us have gone along with something at work even though we felt it was a wrong decision or, at the very least, made us feel very uncomfortable?  How many of us stay silent when a sexist joke is made or when someone is ridiculed or humiliated or when a decision is made that we don’t agree with?  It takes great courage to step forward and say, “I feel very uncomfortable about this,” but having the courage to act with integrity can inspire others to do the same.  It’s not always easy, but it is essential in your journey to reclaim your personal power.

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    1. Carol Bruneau says:

      This blog really spoke to me Geraldine. Although I do not speak up every time, I do know I feel my integrity in my heart when I do so. It just feels right.

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