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Today’s post is about dealing with the ‘bad stuff’.

We all have times when things just don’t seem to be working: we didn’t get the promotion we were promised; we’re arguing all the time with our partner; our child is sick at the MOST inconvenient time; we lose a lot of money we invested in something…the list is endless. It’s very easy to feel helpless in the midst of this and wail “Why is this happening?” and “What have I done to deserve this?”

While we see everything as happening TO us we are trapped in our helplessness. But when we realise that things happen FOR us and not to us then we can look at them in a different light and we can ask “What is this situation telling me? Do I need to make a new choice around this situation? Who can I ask for support? Who do I need to tell what is happening?” The Gods are not in the least interested in the detail of our stories. They are interested in how we DEAL with them. The disasters that happen in our lives are an opportunity to step up.

When I was going through the dark days of my marriage break up (which took 5 years) I sometimes asked “Why does it have to be like this? Why is there so much pain?” The answer I always got back was “You’re in the right place and you’re right on time”. I found that very comforting. It helped me realise that I was only dancing on one piece of the jigsaw – that I couldn’t see the whole beautiful picture. The trust I had in the essential goodness of the Universe gave me the strength to ‘step up’ and do my best – if only for today – and know that ultimately all would be well.

Powerful Woman Tip – See everything that happens as happening FOR you and not TO you.

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