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Working With Geraldine

Personal Transformation

I have helped women in the area of personal transformation for many years. If you would like to work with me personally there are a number of options:


I could be your personal coach where the coaching is done via email.

Skype coaching

I could coach you in person using telephone or skype.

Executive leadership programme in Connemara, Ireland

This is a four and a half day programme for senior women executives. Details can be found at

One-on-one executive retreat in Connemara Ireland

This is an intensive one on one retreat programme in Connemara using the material from the four and a half day leadership programme. This is a two and a half day programme.

For details about any of these options contact Geraldine at:

For details of Geraldine’s consultancy and training work in the area of Diversity and Inclusion, and for details of her Interfaith Ministry work please see: